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WWE News: Bayley posts a heartfelt tribute to her childhood friend

The Hugger proves why we all love her.

Bayley reminisces on her friend’s impact on her life

Former NXT Women’s Champion Bayley recently posted on Instagram, paying tribute and memorialising the 10th anniversary of her best friend, Maggie Le’s death. Bayley noted that Maggie had a big impact on who she is right now, and taught her all about friendship and being a best friend. You can check out the Instagram post below.

This is Meggie. She was in choir and loved Maroon 5 and Alicia Keys. Straight A student, involved with clubs and in honors classes. She was always smiling and had a lot of friends. She was one of my best friends. She taught me the value of a genuine friendship, without even knowing she did. We wrote letters to each other everyday in high school and in about 75% of them she would sign at the bottom "Save this signature, it'll be worth a lot of money when I'm famous!"...or something along those lines. 10 years ago today she passed away. Everyday I think about her and think about how much the world missed out on. She was going to be famous, do something important, change the world, everyone would know Meggie Le. I'm usually very private about her but the world should know her. And know that her smile, and her friendship had the biggest impact on who I am today. Now the world knows you Meggie....just like it should've been. I love you and miss you. "Remember me always"

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Though Bayley didn’t go into much detail regarding her friend’s death, we can identify from this link that she was killed, along with her mother, by her stepfather, who went on a shooting spree, in a domestic violence incident. According to Maggie Le’s brother, Maggie was everything Bayley described her to be.

Rumour has it that Bayley will face Charlotte during the Royal Rumble for the RAW Women’s Championship in San Antonio. Charlotte has been on a spree of continuous wins in the PPVs. She has continuously won more than 20 PPV matches and is creating a new streak of sorts. Can Bayley end that PPV win-streak Charlotte has amassed?

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