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WWE News: Bayley shares an update about her health  

Riju Dasgupta
3.43K   //    17 Aug 2017, 15:38 IST

What's the latest update from the Huggable One?
What's the latest news from the Huggable One?

What's the story?

As Bayley announced on Raw recently, she will not be a part of SummerSlam because of a major injury to her right shoulder. She opened up about her injury to PWInsider where she revealed how severe the injury is.

While she's on the road to recovery, she can't do her own hair yet!

In case you didn't know...

Former NXT and Raw Women's Champion Bayley sustained an injury during a match against Nia Jax. While she was the number 1 contender for the Raw Women's Championship held by Alexa Bliss, it was determined that she would have to sit out of the biggest show of the summer.

When she came up to explain her predicament on Raw, the crowd unanimously booed her.

The heart of the matter

Bayley will need some time to recover and bounce back into the ring and this is what she had to say about the matter at hand:

I just started physical therapy. So, for right now, I've never had an injury before that's kept me out before, so I'm kind of taking it day to day. I'm not really sure how long. If it's a couple of months or if it's a few months or what's it going to be right now.

However, things do not look absolutely bleak for Bayley, as she is on the path to recovery right now.

Just within the past couple of weeks, I think it's been two weeks now, I've actually been able to move it a little bit and the swelling has gone down a lot. So, the motion is coming back a little bit more, but it's more about getting the strength and being able to lift my arm in front of me. Like I can't do my own hair and it's really hard to do certain things, but I'm just trying to get back as soon as possible, but at a safe pace as well.

Let's hope Bayley is back on her feet soon and can dominate the Raw women's division in no time at all.

What's next?

Sasha Banks is now the number 1 contender for Bliss' Raw Women's Title, and the two women face one another at SummerSlam.

Author's take

It was heartbreaking to see Bayley miss out on her dream of competing at SummerSlam. It was also pathetic to see the crowd's reaction for an artist as passionate as her. Bayley is set for great things and we are certain she will rule the division once again, very soon!

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