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WWE News: Bayley talks about not knowing why fans like her, a Women's Royal Rumble match

Bayley feels she is lucky to have sneaked into the WWE.

Bayley is perhaps the most popular superstar in the WWE women’s division

What’s the story?

WWE superstar Bayley was recently interviewed on the Montgomery Advertiser’s Piledriver podcast where she discussed how she was still trying to figure out why the WWE Universe loved her so much and the possibility of having a Royal Rumble match for the WWE women’s division among other things.

In case you didn’t know...

Bayley signed up with the WWE back in December 2012 and spent more than 3 years as an NXT performer before making her main roster debut at the Battleground pay-per-view in July last year. Ever since ‘The Huggable One’ was promoted, her popularity seems to have skyrocketed to unprecedented levels and she is the recipient of a loud ovation from the fans everytime she makes her way to the squared circle.

The heart of the matter

The former NXT champion admitted that she keeps asking herself why she gets so much affection despite the fact that she is just another wrestling fan who got a chance to pursue it as a career. She claimed that she still feels like a fan sitting in the crowd whenever she heads out to the ring and perhaps the people find it easier to connect with her because of that.

Here’s what Bayley said:

“I ask myself that a lot. I don't know why people… Why do people like me, or why do people wear my shirts or whatever? I just feel I'm just like this normal chick that loved wrestling and just got lucky enough to pursue it and got to WWE. I feel like I snuck in.

I feel the same way I've always felt about it. I still feel the way I felt when I was behind the barricade. I'm just so excited to be there all the time and it's still all so new to me. Maybe they can feel that, and maybe they kind of feel like they're there with me, like I'm one of them.”

When asked for her thoughts on a women’s Royal Rumble match, Bayley was of the opinion that there are too few female superstars even if the Raw and SmackDown rosters were combined to have 20 women compete in the match. However, she felt that things could change if the NXT women’s division is also included. She stated:

“I kind of honestly think we need a few more girls to do something like that because the guys have 30 men. We don't have many girls. Even if it was Raw and Smackdown combined, I don't think it would make it 20. If we had more girls brought in, maybe like NXT girls, that would be really cool and I think it would be a lot of fun.”

What next?

Bayley is currently engaged in a feud with Raw Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair and the two of them will be facing off for the latter’s title at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view. There are strong chances that ‘The Huggable One’ may become the new champion after this match or at Wrestlemania and it could end up being a career-defining achievement for her.

Sportskeeda’s Take

The popularity of Bayley is reminiscent to that of SmackDown Live general manager Daniel Bryan during his days as a wrestler and we hope that she is able to emulate Bryan’s in-ring feats to some extent in the women’s division.

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