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WWE News: Bayley talks possibly turning heel soon

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Could we be in store for a darker side of Bayley?

What's the story

Bayley is 'The Hugger' and a natural babyface due to her chipper demeanor and overall personality. She also loves to hug people, and what's to hate about a Hugger? But Bayley recently opened up to Metro about the possibility of showing a darker side in the future.

In case you didn't know

Bayley was an ultimate pro wrestling fangirl. As a child, all she wanted to do was entertain fans and emulate her favorite Superstars in the ring.

At 28-years-old she is living her dream and loving every moment of it. Although she might not pull down the win every time you can plainly see Bayley is still having the time of her life as a fun-loving smiling babyface.

The heart of the matter

Bayley recently spoke to Metro where the possibility of her eventually turning heel was brought up. She has to have thought about it before.

Bayley acknowledged she reads what fans write online about wanting her to display a darker side to her character. But in the end, Bayley said she doesn't know if she needs to go to a sinister place even though some fans are hoping for it.

However, even The Hugger can see something needs to change in her character's current approach.

"I realized when I was out with my injury that I need to go about things differently and not let people push me around so much"

What's next

Bayley will keep living her dream by entertaining crowds all over. If she stays at this rate she might become a fan favorite for life. But the more fickle fans might need her to switch it up eventually in order for her to truly stay relevant.

Author's take

Bayley's heel turn could be exactly what she needs. But I can't help but wonder if she has it in her to make people despise The Hugger. After all, she didn't react too well when the speech about having to give up her SummerSlam title shot resulted in a chorus of boos.

It's long been rumored Sasha Banks would be the one who might be turning heel on Bayley. If WWE flipped the script on the fans, it might be an interesting ingredient to a recipe for success to help Bayley get to the next level of her seemingly stagnant career.

I'm not saying she's stuck where she is, but something needs to happen soon in order to get back to the days when fans first thought of her as a "female John Cena." Of course, John Cena has yet to fully turn heel either, so I might have just make a very good inadvertent point.

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