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WWE News: Becky Lynch calls out Liv Morgan's wrestling ability 

Daniel Wood
14.13K   //    19 Dec 2017, 02:00 IST

Liv Morgan gets called out by Becky Lynch
Liv Morgan gets called out by Becky Lynch

What's the story?

Liv Morgan is a part of the trio of debuting women who 'storyline' injured Becky Lynch and put her out of action for a few weeks (of course, she was actually filming for The Marine 6). However, Morgan has definitely bitten off more than she can chew by calling out the first ever SmackDown LIVE Women's champion on Twitter

In case you didn't know...

Liv Morgan made a big statement on her SmackDown LIVE debut as part of the Riott Squad, when the trio mirrored Absolution's debut on RAW and wrecked havoc in the SmackDown LIVE women's division, attacking Becky Lynch and Naomi and interrupting Charlotte and Natalya's title match.

The heart of the matter

Becky Lynch wasn't going to take the 'straight fire' insult laying down, and decided to call out Liv Morgan right back, and hit her right where it hurts: her wrestling ability. Lynch absolutely burns Morgan here,

In the video Liv Morgan charges into the brawling Lumberjack's during Charlotte and Natalya's Clash of Champions match and delivers what appears to be a limp arm strike to her own Riott Squad teammate Sarah Logan. Definitely not Liv Morgan's finest moment, but one she had the sense of humour to joke about on Twitter before Becky's 'straight fire'

However, I'm sure Becky calling her out on it will put Liv Morgan in her place, as the former NXT Superstar is still considered by many to be a little green in the ring. That being said Becky's burn didn't go unnoticed by other women on the roster, with Charlotte Flair also commenting,

What's next?

The Riott Squad arguably had a better start to life on the WWE main roster than Paige's Absolution group, injuring Becky Lynch, and then brutally attacking Naomi the week after. However, that momentum seems to have been lost by bizarrely putting the trio against Tamina, Lana and Carmella, and also wasn't helped by the clumsily booked women's match at Clash of Champions.

Author's take

Liv Morgan has a lot to learn and her time on the main roster will give her a steep learning curve to do it in, but if she's going to succeed she could really do without other people calling out her wrestling ability on Twitter.

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