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WWE News: Becky Lynch cuts brutal promo on Ronda Rousey for calling WWE 'fake'

2.21K   //    05 Apr 2019, 08:22 IST

Becky didn't spare the current RAW Women's champion
Becky didn't spare the current RAW Women's champion

What's the story?

Becky Lynch recently appeared on In The Kliq and talked about Ronda Rousey calling WWE 'fake'.

Lynch went off on Rousey, cutting a scathing promo on how the legend she is posing as would have been severely insulted by that word.

In case you didn't know...

Last month, Becky Lynch took her Twitter war against Ronda Rousey to a whole new level, insulting her husband with a photoshopped picture. This irked Rousey to no end, who went on to break kayfabe on Twitter, and threatened Becky by addressing her by her real name.

Rousey proceeded to bash WWE on her video diaries, calling it a 'fake sport'

The heart of the matter

When asked to share her views on Rousey breaking kayfabe last month and insulting the company, Becky went on to cut a brutal promo on The Baddest Women on the Planet.

Lynch stated how Ronda Rousey poses as her idol, Roddy Piper, and insults the same business he helped build. She added that Roddy would have been deeply disappointed by Ronda's insult.

It’s kind of laughable isn’t it really because she’s going cosplaying as a legend, a legend who would have gotten into a fight, who would have been so insulted by that word and by somebody not respecting our business to be able to go out there and say that.

Lynch went on to mention how Rousey talks about not being able to be at home to cook breakfast for her husband, while Becky has been doing the same for years on end, without crying about it. Becky talked in depth about how she hasn't been home to cook breakfast for anyone in her family for years because of being on the road on a regular basis.

The Man finished off by adding that Rousey is holding the Raw Women's Title hostage for a year now, and no one was talking about it until Lynch came along and made the people care.

And she’s crying in her kitchen because she can’t hack it. So, if you can’t hack it Ronda Rousey, get your jacket and get out because this is my business and you are holding that title hostage. You have had it for a year and nobody was talking about it until The Man came along and made it the most interesting title in the business. I did it for the SmackDown women’s title and I’m going to do it for the Raw women’s title.

What's next?

It's almost time! The Man and The Baddest Woman on the Planet are all set to face off on The Grandest Stage Of Them All on April 7th, with Charlotte Flair being the third competitor in the triple threat match.

Who's walking out of MetLife Stadium with both belts? Sound off!