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WWE News: Becky Lynch predicts Royal Rumble winner, talks about her steel cage match on SmackDown Live last week

'The Irish Lass Kicker' reckons SmackDown Live is like a big family.

Becky Lynch referred to the ‘steel cage’ as intimidating and painful

What’s the story?

In a recent conversation with Mike Jones of the DC 101 radio station, WWE superstar Becky Lynch gave her prediction on the Royal Rumble winner this year and also discussed her steel cage match against SmackDown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss on last week’s episode of SmackDown Live.

In case you didn’t know…

While the match between Lynch and Bliss was a closely contested one for most of its duration, ‘The Irish Lass Kicker’ managed to gain the upper hand with a ‘Bex-ploder’ suplex from the ropes for a near fall. She then landed a barrage of punches on the champion followed by a kick and made headway for the cage door only to find La Luchadora (later revealed to be Mickie James) blocking her path.

‘The Five Feet of Fury’ tried to take advantage but Becky turned the tables by applying a ‘Dis-arm-her’. However, James stepped inside the ring and caused the break thereby allowing Alexa Bliss to deliver a DDT to Becky Lynch and pick up the victory.

The heart of the matter

‘Becky Balboa’ revealed that she wanted Bray Wyatt to win the Royal Rumble match because he is the best talent in the WWE and also one of the top characters. Lynch admitted that she enjoys watching him perform and loves listening to him irrespective of where he is speaking. She believes that Wyatt has still not shown even half of his potential so far.

Here’s what the first ever SmackDown Women’s Champion stated:

“I would love to see Bray Wyatt win. I think he's the best talent that we have and one of the best characters that we have. He's amazing and so compelling every time he's on the screen, I just want to watch him. Every time he's talking, and whether it's backstage or on the mic, I want to listen. I don't think that we've even seen half of what he can do.”

On how she felt during her first ‘steel cage’ match on SmackDown Live last week, Becky Lynch claimed that it was intimidating because they were surrounded by metal on every side. According to her, the structure doesn’t have much to offer other than pain. Becky was quoted as saying this:

“It's daunting, it really is. When it's coming down, it makes that sound when it's coming down. And you're in there surrounded by metal...METAL! That's intimidating, that's painful, and it doesn't have very much give.”

Talking about how everyone reacted backstage after their match, the 29-year old said that they received great support and everyone appreciated their effort. In her opinion, SmackDown is like one big family as they all take care of each other and are happy with each other’s success. Lynch said:

“Everyone is so supportive and told us we did great. That's the great thing about Smackdown. It really is like a family and everybody really looks out for each other and everybody wants to see everyone succeed because the better one of us does, the better all of us do!”

What next?

Becky Lynch will get her opportunity to extract some revenge on Mickie James for costing her a chance to become a 2-time champion when they compete in a six-woman tag team match at the Royal Rumble. The trio of Lynch, Naomi and Nikki Bella will be taking on James, Alexa Bliss and Natalya in the match which will feature on the pay-per-view’s pre-show.

Sportskeeda’s Take

‘The Irish Lass Kicker’ is one of the most prominent faces in the WWE women’s division at present and it shouldn’t be long before she is considered for another title reign.

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