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WWE News: Becky Lynch reveals who was behind the idea of Women's Tag Team Championships 

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Becky Lynch has been pushing for Women's Tag Team Championships for almost two years
Becky Lynch has been pushing for Women's Tag Team Championships for almost two years

What's the story?

Women's Tag Team Championships have been rumored to be coming to the WWE over the past few months and it appears that the idea was first pushed forward by former Women's Champion Becky Lynch.

In case you didn't know...

The Women's Revolution has been fruitful for the women of WWE and has seen many able to make history over the past few years.

Women's Tag Team Championships were thought to have been the next step on this list so that the many women who now make up the WWE roster would be able to fight for more than just one Championship.

The Bella Twins and The IIconics have been teasing Championships recently with both teams hoping that they can make history in the near future.

The heart of the matter

Becky Lynch was the inaugural SmackDown Women's Champion back in 2016 and according to her recent interview at the ACE Comic Con in Seattle, the Irish star has been the face behind the boost to bring Tag Team Championships to the WWE in recent months. "Transcript via Wrestlezone)

"Numbers wise, I don’t think we have enough to have one [set of titles] on each brand. So, what I think would be pretty cool is if they were traveling, not just between RAW and Smackdown, but NXT too. You’d have a huge range of women that you could go against, and have so many possibilities. I think that would get people excited to watch any of the brands because you wouldn’t know when people would be showing up on [those shows] because they’d all be traveling. I’ve been pitching it for a year, maybe two."

What's next?

Recently reports suggest that there are no current plans to bring Women's Tag Team Championships to WWE, but Lynch will obviously keep on pushing for the titles to be made available for all three brands.

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