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WWE News: Becky Lynch talks about dangers of TLC match and getting more opportunities

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The Smackdown Women's champ is ready for anything.
The Smackdown Women's champ is ready for anything.

What's the story?

Becky Lynch has been one of the top performers in WWE in 2018 and it has helped bring more attention to the women's divisions across the company. reports that she recently spoke with the Asbury Park Press about the dangers of her upcoming TLC match as well as the increasing opportunities offered to women over the past few years.

In case you missed it...

As many already know, Becky Lynch's star has been on the rise ever since she attacked her former friend Charlotte Flair, at SummerSlam after the latter won a triple-threat match for the Smackdown Women's Title.

Flair had just returned from a brief hiatus and immediately was inserted into the PPV match.

Lynch had worked all year to build a strong resume of wins in order to get back on top and regain her title. She snapped after losing on that occasion, continuing to attack Charlotte. They eventually had a match at Hell in a Cell which Lynch won.

She would then go on to feud with Ronda Rousey prior to Survivor Series. However, she was unable to compete at the event after Nia Jax punched her in the face and caused several fractures.

Lynch was medically cleared to return to action and will defend her title at TLC in a TLC match against Flair and Asuka. The latter was added to this match after winning last week's battle royal on SmackDown.

Will Lynch get to defend her title at TLC?
Will Lynch get to defend her title at TLC?

The heart of the matter

Since Becky has arguably been the top performer across the company since SummerSlam, more eyes have turned to both her and the women's divisions as a result.


The Asbury Park Press spoke with her about the potential dangers of her match at TLC:

"Yeah, it’s wonderful, I love it. I love it. The more physical the better, that’s what I'm looking for at TLC next week. I think it was all in due time, just a perfect storm - lightning in a bottle - of talent and opportunities meeting at the exact right time, because right now we have just women that want to go out there and want to go."

They also asked her about the growing number of opportunities the women have received over the last few years:

"(We have) some of the world's best athletes when you look at Ronda [Rousey], Charlotte, Naomi, 'The Man' Becky Lynch. I think we have such high calibre of talent at the moment and just the demand from the audience is that they want to see us go out there and do everything that the guys are doing because they know that we can, and it’s perfect and it's being well-received. It hurts and it's taxing on our bodies, but we wouldn't be doing it if we didn't absolutely love every single second of it."

Lynch's status might actually still be up in the air and it might come down to the wire whether or not she is able to defend her title at TLC.

What's next?

For Lynch, getting 100% medical clearance to perform from the WWE is the first step. If she does, things will go on as planned at the TLC PPV.

Should she not be cleared to compete, it will change things up a bit and once again, not in the ideal way from a fan perspective. Lynch is riding of wave of momentum few of the women in WWE have had. It will be disappointing for both Becky and her legion of fans - having helped grab more focus for the women's division during her recent run.

Hopefully she can defend her title and not take too much damage if cleared to perform. The women have displayed their capability to compete in a lot of dangerous matches usually reserved for the men.

If things keep going this way, the women may finally main event WrestleMania for the first time in history at some stage in the not-too-distant future.