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WWE News: Becky Lynch thinks there will be a Women's Royal Rumble Match in the future

Lynch believes that that only reason it hasn't happened yet is lack of women.

Becky Lynch predicts a historic Royal Rumble match in the future

What’s the story?

Screener TV asked Becky Lynch if she thought there would be a women’s Royal Rumble match some day. This is what she had to say in response:

‘I’ve been asked that a fair bit and I don’t think we’re that far. The only thing is... when you look through the roster of Smackdown, and you look through the roster of Raw, we don’t have that many women. That is the only problem.’

In case you didn’t know...

2016 has been a historic year for the women of WWE, as they've been part of some historic matches like a women’s Hell in a Cell match, a 30-minute Iron Woman match on the main roster, and the first ever women’s steel cage match on SmackDown Live.

With the women rising the ranks every single day in WWE, it seems like only a matter of time before the women achieve much greater accolades.

The heart of the matter

Lynch went on to explain why she was so positive about the women’s Rumble match:

‘I think it’s not outside the realm of possibility, but I don't think it’s going to happen in the next year or two, simply because we don't have that many women. But I think that’s all going to change because we have amazing women in NXT. We have such an incredible facility in NXT, that keeps bringing up more and more talent. So, it's not impossible. I just don’t think we have the bodies at the moment’.

30 men including several legendary names were part of the 30th Annual Royal Rumble, and the world was abuzz with excitement leading up to the event.

The Four Horsewomen, a group that includes Lynch with her friends Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Bayley have redefined women's wrestling. While there were three women’s matches on the card, they were overshadowed by the sheer magnitude of the Royal Rumble match. Becky Lynch and the rest of the women probably wanted to be a part of the conversation too.

What's next?

We presume that this topic must have caught the eye of WWE officials, who will consider this possibility in the future. As it stands, Becky Lynch is in a feud with Mickie James at present, so this subject will be on the backburner for at least a year.

Sportskeeda’s take

Never say never in WWE. Who'd have thought we’d get to see a Women's Hell in a Cell match either? We cannot wait for the first ever women’s Royal Rumble, a few years from today.

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