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WWE News: Becky Lynch wants to add comedy to her character

The Irish Lasskicker wants to add comedy to her character.

News 01 May 2017, 03:46 IST
The Irish Lasskicker feels she has great potential to display her comedic side in the WWE.

What’s the story?

‘The Irish Lasskicker’ Becky Lynch recently spoke to The Mirror, about the recent WWE Superstar Shake-Up, her feud with Charlotte and her desire to add comedy to her character.

In case you didn’t know...

Becky Lynch (Rebecca Quin) has performed for WWE since her NXT debut back in 2013, before she rose to prominence on the company’s main-roster courtesy her feuds with several top female Superstars, with her most memorable rivalry being against Charlotte Flair.

The heart of the matter:

The inaugural SmackDown Women’s champion Becky Lynch stated that she’d love to pick up where she’d left off, against Charlotte, now that the latter has been drafted to the blue brand. Besides, in regards to the recent Superstar Shake-Up, the 30-year old wrestler added that she’ll miss her friends namely Heath Slater, Rhyno, Apollo Crews, Kalisto as well as Mickie James, Dean Ambrose, The Miz and Maryse- all of whom have been drafted to Monday Night RAW.

Furthermore, speaking about her wish to add comedy to her character she stated -

“Oh, I’ve been begging for the chance. That’s all I want to do. Comedy is part of my personality in general but I feel that maybe there has been one aspect you have seen of me. I get jumped an awful lot, probably more than any one person has done in their entire life, over the past two years, so I would love to develop different aspects.”

“I have been able to show that fiery aspect, that never giving up aspect, which says ‘okay you can do this to me, but I’m going to keep standing up for myself and come back, I’m not going to let it change me, I’m going to do things with integrity’. That is good for so long but I would really like to develop different aspects of myself on TV.”

What’s next?

Becky Lynch presently wrestles for WWE’s SmackDown brand and fans can expect her to potentially get involved in a feud against a new heel stable comprising Natalya, Carmella, James Ellsworth and Tamina.

Author’s take:

Becky Lynch is one of the most exciting performers in the sport today, and WWE Creative should definitely give her a bit of freedom and scope, in order to let her freely develop her on-screen character.

Besides, with James Ellsworth in the picture, the WWE and Lynch have the potential for comedy at the flick of their fingers on SmackDown.  

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