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WWE News: Becky Lynch on TLC matches for women and her journey thus far

Adithya Pai
900   //    05 Jun 2016, 15:15 IST
Becky Lynch has no problem with women in TLC matches

The New Era has arrived in the WWE, where women aren’t seen as divas anymore but are now seen as women wrestlers. With the retirement of the old Divas Championship and the introduction of the new WWE Women’s Championship, there have been more women wrestlers walking into the roster than ever before. This revolution has led to women’s wrestling being taken more seriously than just a diva’s fashion show. And at the forefront of the revolution, is Becky Lynch.

Becky Lynch opines that the women wrestlers must be booked in main event matches and pay per view events more. This, she claims, would be the next step in transforming the landscape of women’s wrestling. She stated that she would also love to have Bayley join the main roster, perhaps for a Four Horsewomen reunion.

Women wrestlers competing in TLC matches or any kind of no disqualification match that would involve weapons, isn’t that popular and well received by everybody. But the former Horsewoman had a different approach, stating she has no problem with it.

Lynch also cherishes a few memories from her old days of wrestling along with her fellow WWE wrestlers Sami Zayn and Kevin Ovens in arenas with only few seats filled. The journey for her has so far been amazing, she states when asked by a journalist, and adds that she would love to wrestle a dream match with Lita someday. 

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