WWE News - Bianca Belair explains why she is the 'EST of WWE' & her responsibilities as a Superstar

Bianca Belair
Bianca Belair
Arunava Ghoshal

At WrestleMania 36, Bianca Belair showed up following the RAW Tag Team Championship match to even up the odds for Street Profits. Since officially joining the RAW roster, Belair has been picking up consecutive wins to build up her momentum on the Red brand.

Before she joined RAW, Bianca enjoyed an impressive run on the Black and Gold brand and became famous as the 'EST of NXT'. Following her debut on RAW, Belair claimed that she is now the 'EST of WWE' and explained the reason behind her unique nickname in a latest interview with WWE UK.

“The ‘EST of WWE’ it just means that I am a hybrid athlete. I’m not just good in one area, I’m not just good at one thing, I’m not just strong, I’m not just someone who can go in there and do flips and be a showcase athlete. I’m someone who can do it all. I’m not just average in different areas, I’m the best in every single area. So, I’m the strongEST, I'm the fastEST, the quickEST, the roughEST, the greatEST, the smartEST, I’m the bEST. All those ends in EST. So, I just see myself as being the absolute best in every single area that you can think of.”

Bianca Belair in WWE

Bianca Belair's impressive mic skills, in-ring prowess, and persona have resulted in her becoming one fastest-rising Superstars in WWE. During the interview, Belair revealed that she is well aware of her increasing popularity and has been utilizing it to inspire several young girls and women around the world.

“The further along I get in my career the more I see that I do have a responsibility and I take that very seriously. Especially with women and young girls, lot of times, we are taught to shrink ourselves, and that is a big part of my character is to never shrink yourself to soothe anyone’s insecurities, you never dim your light for anyone, as cliché as it sounds, it's real life and it's true. You go out there and you shine bright and that's in my character, I talk about it all the time, it’s even in my theme song: “watch me shine now”.
It’s something that I really really want to stress to young girls, especially within the community that I come from… Go out there and show them who you are and don’t hold back. I hold that responsibility very close to my heart, it’s not even just for young girls or just for women, it’s for everyone... You have to be your biggest supporter, you have to be your biggest cheerleader.”


Watch Bianca Belair in action on WWE RAW on BT Sport 1 HD every Monday night from 1 am.

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