WWE News: Big Cass makes a surprising appearance change after leaving WWE

It's been a rough time for Big Cass since his release
It's been a rough time for Big Cass since his release

What's the story?

Big Cass had unfortunately faced the axe from WWE this year hardly two months into his return from injury. Since then, he's made it clear that his objective is to eventually return to WWE. He started afresh on the independent scene, going by a few different names.

However, it doesn't seem like he's as motivated as before, a photo taken in his latest independent appearance seems to suggest.

In case you didn't know...

Big Cass had a partnership with Enzo Amore, where they found themselves becoming the most popular tag team in WWE. Unfortunately, it seemed as though backstage behaviour is what prevented them from getting the tag team gold.

Enzo was released after some major controversy while Big Cass was on the shelf. He came back after WrestleMania 34, switching brands to SmackDown Live. It seemed like he was in line for a big push as he began feuding with Daniel Bryan.

Unfortunately, he lost the feud and was suddenly released afterwards. It wasn't known at the time why, but Big Cass later went on Booker T's podcast and openly stated that he made too many mistakes in too little time, even admitting that if he were Vince McMahon, he'd have done the same thing.

The heart of the matter

Twitter user ColonelFancy posted a photo of Big Cass in his latest independent appearance, revealing a shocking appearance change.

Big Cass doesn't seem to be in the best shape
Big Cass doesn't seem to be in the best shape

It seems like Big Cass hasn't been doing too well since his release. Unfortunately, he hasn't been making as much buzz as hoped but that could change if he commits to it.

What's next?

Big Cass seems to have been quite honest, open and not bitter about his WWE release. While he does have the right attitude in that regard, he has a way to go. Luckily for him, he's young and has time on his hands. Hopefully, things change and take an upward trajectory for him here on out.

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