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WWE News: Big Cass is the 5th tallest giant in history

  • And you can't teach that, can you?
Riju Dasgupta
Modified 17 Jul 2017, 11:31 IST
Where does Big Cass rank among the tallest giants in history?

What’s the story?

Big Cass is no longer associated with his significantly smaller tag team partner, and WWE seems content on pushing him as a giant. We all know that he’s 7 foot tall (at least that’s WWE claims he is), so let’s see where he ranks when compared to the other giants in WWE history, according to an article published by

In case you didn’t know...

Giants don’t just exist in Game of Thrones and Harry Potter. They have been an integral part of professional wrestling, right from the time of the legendary Japanese superstar Giant Baba. Since then, several big men have made the world of sports entertainment their own, even today, when the combatants are significantly much smaller. WWE ranked the most legendary giants in the business recently, in terms of height, and we find out how Big Cass, the company’s latest giant, measures up.

The heart of the matter

Big Cass is the 5th tallest giant in history, according to the list that WWE put out. We present the first four names as well, here:

#4: The Great Khali (7’1″)
#3: Giant Silva (7’2″)
#2: Andre the Giant (7’4″)
#1: Giant Gonzales (8’0″)

It’s interesting to note that WWE ranks Big Cass at number 5, but he is tied with Kane and The Big Show at that spot. Each of them is billed as 7 feet tall. Can he match their accolades during the course of his career, if he’s pushed hard?

What's next?


Through this article, WWE has proved just how invested they are in Big Cass as a singles performer, possibly as a face of the company. Big men like Braun Strowman and Baron Corbin have fared well for the company, and WWE may be interested in making the product visually appealing once again, with these towering and massive performers.

Author’s note

Bear in mind that ‘billed height’ may be slightly exaggerated as compared to the real heights of the giants. As can be seen in the picture posted above, The Big Show may be slightly taller than Big Cass. However sports entertainment has always thrived on exaggerations, from before the time of WWE, and therefore it is certainly no surprise that Big Cass’ height may have been exaggerated for greater effect.

In any case, Big Cass certainly is a large man and can bear the burden of carrying the company on his shoulders for a very long time indeed. And you can’t teach that, really. 

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Published 17 Jul 2017, 11:26 IST
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