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WWE News: Big Cass rocking a scuffy new look during his recovery from injury

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He's got the rea
Big Cass has been out due to an injury

What's the story?

Big Cass might be out of action due to the devastating knee injury he suffered the night after SummerSlam, but he's not going to let that get him down. If anything, it looks like he's really enjoying himself while kicking back and letting himself go a little bit.

Don't get it twisted, he's still in great shape (except for his knee), but his facial hair is starting to resemble a guy who really knows how to celebrate "No Shave November."

In case you didn't know...

If you aren't familiar with the tradition of not shaving during the month of November it is a rather popular one. Therefore if you notice people around you start to resemble a much hairier version of themselves during November then that might be what's going on (unless you live in a colony with werewolves and if that's the case, what's your address? Because I want to come visit).

Many WWE Superstars might participate in this annual tradition of growing out their facial hair but their characters prohibit this kind of activity. However, it looks like Big Cass can get away with it seeing how he's not on television right now.

The heart of the matter

Big Cass is a New Yorker through-and-through, therefore, he's a huge fan of the New York Jets. Yes, Big Cass is a Jets fan.

He was very happy to be at the game and he obviously wanted to root for his team by wearing as much NY Jets merchandise as he used to wear of his own on WWE television.

But what really stands out for me is his updated scruffy appearance. Cass has always had a bit of facial hair, but he's decided to go one step further with this latest look.

What's next?

When Big Cass returns to WWE television he could very well have this updated look. It suits him quite nicely. All it would take is Vince McMahon to take one look at him and go, "who's that big bearded guy, pal? I want him!"


After that, one of McMahon's assistants could inform The Chairman Of The Board that it's Big Cass and he's still under contract with WWE and that would be all it takes for Big Cass' WWE comeback to have a much different look to it.

Author's take

I actually like Big Cass' new look and I'm rather interested to see how far he'll let it grow out. If he returns to WWE television without the beard it will be back to business as usual. But as stated above, given the right scenario this bearded Big Cass could stick around for a while.

Who knew Big Cass' special skills included growing a sick beard?

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