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WWE News: Big Cass talks about Enzo's backstage heat

31.06K   //    10 Sep 2017, 12:53 IST

Big Cass faces off against Enzo Amore
Big Cass feuded against Enzo Amore a month prior to his injury

What's the story?

Big Cass was on Sam Robert's Wrestling Podcast (H/T Ewrestling News) and talked about the sort of heat Enzo had backstage. He also talked about his relationship with Enzo and not distancing himself from his partner.

In case you didn't know....

Enzo Amore has had backstage heat for a long time and was pushed down the card after he was separated from Big Cass. He was defeated cleanly in all the matches, with most of them ending in squashes, and was also punished by being put in a Shark Cage and hung above the ring during a match between Big Cass and the Big Show.

This ended particularly badly for him as he stripped down to his underwear and oiled himself up to get out of the cage. He managed to escape only to be knocked down by a Big Boot from Cass.

The heart of the matter

In the interview, Big Cass talked about what sort of heat Enzo had backstage, and that despite the heat the only reason Enzo got so far was being that guy in WWE. His character may have been annoying but the character is what got him over in NXT as well as the main roster when they came up.

“Enzo is Enzo, the guy you see on TV is the guy that you see in real life. Enzo wouldn’t be in the spot he’s in, he wouldn’t have made it this far if he didn’t act the way he does, so there is good with the bad."

Big Cass also talked about his own relationship with Enzo, saying that the feud that they had on television was just on television.

"No, I don’t think so, I don’t think I have distanced myself from him. The storyline has kind of taken on its own thing. Once it started being talked about and people started talking about it on the internet, then they are like: ‘oh really, people talk about it? Well okay, if it’s not real, lets pretend it is real and put it more out there on TV.”

What's next?

Cass has been out with a legitimate leg injury and will be out until next April at least according to doctors. He underwent surgery and is in the middle of his recovery.

Enzo, on the other hand, is in the middle of a feud with Neville in the Cruiserweight division and has finally started winning matches again(albeit dirty victories, but they've been telling a great story on 205 Live).


Author's take

Big Cass was just in the middle of his push when he got injured during the Street Fight with Enzo. When he returns to WWE, he may likely get a renewed push, though it's unlikely that he will restart his feud with Enzo as The Certified-G has now moved down to the Cruiserweight Division.

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