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WWE News: Big E comments on Xavier Woods' glasses during the initial phases of The New Day

30 Sep 2019, 21:01 IST

The New Day in 2014
The New Day in 2014

The New Day's Big E recently had an interview with Fightful, where the Superstar discussed the starting days of the stable. He talked about the accent of Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods attempting to portray a serious gimmick among others.

Xavier Woods' glasses

To begin with, Big E didn't even remember that Xavier Woods used to wear glasses. When reminded of the initial phase of The New Day, he recollected the same.

Oh, he did have glasses, didn’t he? He was trying to look more erudite, know what I mean? Weren’t they like the Malcolm X [specs]? That boy can see well. In fact he has Lasik. He’s had Lasik for years!

After Kingston, Big E and Woods allied, the trio had disappeared for several months before re-debuting as The New Day. Following their return to the roster, Woods stopped wearing the glasses. then recalled the ECW days of Kofi Kingston, when he used to have a Ghanian accent. Big E went on to comment how all these incidents made him the only New Day member to not undergo any massive gimmick change.

Yeah, I'm the only genuine one. That's me. Real.

The New Day

Kofi Kingston and Big E had a losing streak when Xavier Woods asked them to form an alliance and change their attitude. Although the trio weren't popular in the beginning, The New Day evolved to be one of the most entertaining and fan-favorite stables of all time. They re-introduced the Freebird rule and went on to win two RAW Tag Team Championships and four SmackDown Tag Team Championships.

Owing to the support of his New Day brothers, Kofi Kingston earned a shot at the WWE Title at this year's WrestleMania and eventually won the Championship from Daniel Bryan at the biggest show of the promotion. 

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