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WWE News: Big E reveals if the New Day will split up or turn heel

Riju Dasgupta
20 Feb 2019, 11:47 IST

Many feel that The New Day should split
Many feel that The New Day should split

What's the story?

The New Day is a very popular act with kids and in terms of merchandise sales as well. But some feel that the gimmick has run its course and its time for the tandem to call it quits for the time being.

Big E was a special guest on the Gorilla Position podcast recently. I want to thank Michael McClead of WrestleZone for the following transcript.

In case you didn't know...

The New Day has always been a tag team act, but they've currently forayed into the singles division. They're riding high on Kofi Kingston's wave of momentum urging him on to become the next WWE Champion.

The heart of the matter

Big E addressed the idea of a split. According to him, The New Day still has much to achieve before they eventually split up:

That’s something that we talk about often that we have no desire to do whatsoever, but for people that want something fresh and different, I feel like there’s a lot we haven’t done. We initially wanted to be this Nation of Domination-esque group, very serious and aggressive. That’s a run we never had. We’ve been silly, to some degree, for the last 4 years. That’s something we feel we can do, if that is an option.

Big E also addressed the fact that the New Day would love a potential heel turn. But the fact that they do so much stuff outside WWE may potentially prevent it:

As engaging as it would be from an entertainment standpoint for us to be heels and do something more dastardly on a weekly basis, we also provide a lot of value in our current role. Of course, we’d be excited to be heels. Of course, we’d want to do something in that vein and shake things up a bit, but if this is the role we’re given – that’s always been our mentality – we’re going to knock it out of the park to the best of our ability.

What's next?

Kofi Kingston takes on Daniel Bryan at WWE Fastlane for the WWE Championship. Could we see a new Champion at the show? Only time will tell.

Do you want the New Day to split up? Let us know in the comments. Also, should they go heel eventually?


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