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WWE News: Big E reveals why Kofi Kingston is getting his push on SmackDown Live

Riju Dasgupta
20 Feb 2019, 09:38 IST

Why is Kofi Kingston receiving a massive push?
Why is Kofi Kingston receiving a massive push?

What's the story?

New Day member Big E was a special guest on the Gorilla position podcast recently, where he spoke about why Kofi Kingston was receiving his big push. I would like to thank WrestleZone's Michael McClead for the following transcript.

According to Big E, it's because he's a really good human being who never gets in trouble or complains about his spot at all. And so this push is a well-deserved opportunity for the man, Big E believes.

In case you didn't know...

Kofi Kingston was not even supposed to be in the Elimination Chamber match. And now, he's facing Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship at Fastlane.

He came in, replacing Mustafa Ali. And after his performance in the Gauntlet match, the crowd got behind him. He may just be the most popular babyface in all of WWE right now.

The heart of the matter

Big E elaborated upon the qualities of his friend that make Kofi Kingston special. He said the following:

Kofi isn’t a guy that ever complains. He doesn’t say, ‘Why wasn’t I given this chance or opportunity?’ He’s a guy that does everything he’s asked. He always does it quietly and humbly. He’s a guy that never gets in trouble. He will never be in the papers, in the press. He’s a guy that always does his job from week to week and for him to get an opportunity like that and really take it, and grab it, it was really heartwarming to see the response from fans, from other talent.

In addition to his attributes as a human being, Big E respects him as a wrestler. He continued:

He’s a beloved guy. He’s one of the best humans you will ever meet in this industry, or otherwise. It was just a genuinely heartwarming moment to see him go out there and kill it. Especially when you go from tag matches – we’re in a lot of tag matches – 10 minute tag matches, 15, sometimes we’ll have a 20 minute tag match – when you go from that to wrestling an hour of a singles match where you get a new guy every 20 minutes or so is incredible and he held his own. 

What's next?

Kofi Kingston could certainly become the WWE Champion at Fastlane. It may just be a matter of time for the legend. In the absence of a Universal Championship match, this could be just what the doctor ordered.

Do you agree with Big E? Also, do you want to see Kofi Kingston as WWE Champion some day?

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