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WWE News: Big Match for Roman Reigns and an Enzo Amore segment announced for Raw

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Roman Reigns preparing for a match with Braun Strowman

Roman Reigns preparing for a match with Braun Strowman

What's the story?

WWE has announced a huge match for Roman Reigns ahead of Raw as he is set to face Jason Jordan. Also, the video with the announcement for the matches announced that Enzo will be welcomed to MizTV by The Miz.

In case you didn't know...

Roman Reigns exchanged heated promos with John Cena on Raw for the last two weeks, with the two set to face off against each other on the upcoming Raw pay-per-view at No Mercy. The two have also exchanged heated words on Twitter, and the feud between them is hot at the moment.

Jordan, on the other hand, has been trying his best to prove himself to his 'father' Kurt Angle and this match with Reigns is the perfect sort of challenge for that purpose.

Enzo Amore is going to face Neville in a match for the Cruiserweight Championship on No Mercy and has been unstoppable since debuting in the Cruiserweight division.

The heart of the matter

The match between Reigns and Jordan will be interesting, to say the least. Roman has been the star who has been given a sustained push by WWE despite rejection by fans. Jordan has been viewed in a negative light by the fans since it was revealed that he was Kurt Angle's son and they did not take to it well at all.

The two facing each other with their contrasting styles has the potential to be an amazing match, and if Jordan wins (which does seem unlikely) it will be just the launch pad that he needs for his push to take off, and perhaps even make him a star in the eyes of the fans.

Enzo Amore will also be making an appearance on Miz TV which will be an excellent platform for his promo and being able to work with one of the top talkers in WWE right now, it will be a segment to watch out for. The Miz and Enzo again have contrasting promo styles, and it will be interesting to see the approach that they take before it inevitably breaks down like all 'talk shows' on Raw or Smackdown do.

What's next?

Roman will face Jordan on Raw, and a win might help him gain momentum heading into his match with Cena at No Mercy.

Enzo will also create hype for the match with Neville before the two stars face each other at No Mercy.

Author's take

Enzo and the Miz together in a segment will most probably be pure gold if booked right, with Miz's incredulity at the antics of Enzo will only helping the segment.

Roman and Jordan is a match between two 'faces', though both are treated like heels by the fans. Jordan winning would do him a world of good, though Roman losing heading into a match with Cena is extremely unlikely.

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