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WWE News: Billy Corgan says Vince McMahon wants to buy TNA

Billy Corgan confirms that Vince McMahon is looking to own TNA Wrestling

There have been reports of TNA cancelling flights and matches for TV tapings

One of the biggest stories that has engulfed the wrestling world is the possible sale of TNA Wrestling. There are three parties vying for the wrestling promotion. Leading the charge is Billy Corgan, musician and wrestling promoter, who has been working with the company for a year now and was just named Dixie Carter’s successor. 

The second group is Sinclair Broadcasting, that also owns Ring of Honor. They want TNA for their television deal as well as the overseas broadcasting deals that the company has with Pop TV.

And the third party in contention is WWE, who are looking to get hold of TNA’s vast video library.

TNA President Billy Corgan used the radio as a platform, when he appeared on ESPN’s Dan Le Batard show and during the interview also spoke about the current state of affairs in TNA Wrestling.

During the interview, Corgan confirmed there is an apparent “gunfight” going on to determine who will get majority control of TNA. Show host Le Batard asked Billy Corgan that how he was planning to tackle billionaire Vince McMahon now that the latter has set his mind on purchasing TNA Wrestling.

Corgan admitted that Vince was a creative genius and said that there was no beating him. He said that the fact that Vince was eager to own TNA Wrestling has now become an important part of the equation.

Le Batard also asked Corgan if the TNA pay per view, Bound for Glory was going to take place this Sunday as per schedule. Corgan seemed hesitant and didn’t really provide a definite answer. He seemed to think that the show would happen, but did not give a clear “yes” or “no” answer.

Corgan said that TNA has always been on the ropes when it came to the Bound for Glory pay per view. He said that for the past three years, TNA has always need a “Music City Miracle” to make things fall in place for the October pay per view.

He pointed out that despite tight budgets, each year the PPV took place as scheduled and this year should be no different.

Corgan however confirm that the reports were absolutely correct. TNA Wrestling had to be sold soon, maybe within this week.

With such a short horizon, things are bound to get get interesting as each day passes. Every day has a new possibility for TNA and the numerous wrestlers in its roster. With three influential parties vying for bragging rights, it’s difficult to predict the winner.

But it is certain that Dixie Carter will not be at the helm of things as the week goes by.


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