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WWE News: Bo Dallas talks about lizard-people who secretly run the world

2.97K   //    07 Aug 2017, 21:03 IST

And BoLieve we shall!!

What's the story?

Recently on Talk Is Jericho, Bo Dallas confessed that he believes that there is truth in some very strange conspiracy theories which say that the earth is a hollow planet and under the surface of the earth reside the "reptilians" who secretly run the world's economy and governments.

He also mentioned that there is fluoride in the tap water that the reptilians use as a means of mind control over the human population and to make sure no one finds out about them.

In case you didn't know...

Taylor Michael Rotunda, know better as Bo Dallas signed with WWE's developmental FCW in 2008 and became the youngest NXT Champion in 2013.

He is also the real-life brother of Bray Wyatt, or Windham Lawrence Rotunda. He is currently a member of the Miztourage, who are The Miz and Maryse's entourage.

What's the story?

On the most recent episode of Talk Is Jericho, Bo Dallas opened up about some controversial beliefs that he has about the world. Bo was hesitant to share his ideas at first, saying that:

"I'm a little bit nervous to see how everybody takes this in, from Bo Dallas. I mean, this is my first podcast and nobody has ever heard me talk outside of character or whatnot. And to hear how actually crazy I am, I'm waiting to see what really happens, even if it's not true and you want to call me crazy, it's funner, so much more fun to live life and question and wonder. I want to know more. If it's not real, screw it!"

Dallas mentioned that he believed the Earth is hollow and the Reptilian race live underground:

"The theory is that there was this class of not people, aliens, let's call it a class of aliens that lived on this Earth and they moved because of the radiation in our Earth to find a better planet and they left and they left some people here, the discarded, and they are the ones that live in our Earth. The reptilian people are the higher class of people who kind of run the world. It's dumbed down by our government, putting fluoride in our water to take this natural ability, which I believe is directly correlated with the third eye, I believe. Someone's stopping us from knowing all the answers."

What's next?

Currently, it looks like Bo Dallas is going to be a part of the Miztourage for the foreseeable future but let's not rule out the possibility of a big singles run from 'The Award Winning Superstar'.

Author's take

There's nothing wrong with analyzing conspiracy theories and if they're far more interesting than real life, we should all Bo-lieve!

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