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WWE News: Bobby Lashley on receiving death threats over his current storyline with Lana

Shubham Roy
Modified 21 Dec 2019, 00:52 IST

Bobby Lashley and Lana
Bobby Lashley and Lana

Lana posted a video on her YouTube channel 'CJ Perry' where she appeared alongside Bobby Lashley, who is currently her on-screen love interest in WWE television. They talked about their relationship and about how both the Superstars received hate mail and death threats on the Internet ever since they started the storyline of Lana leaving her husband Rusev for Lashley.

The Almighty and The Ravishing Russian

After a two-month hiatus, Lashley returned on the September 30 episode of WWE RAW along with Lana (who was also absent from WWE TV for quite some time) during Rusev's match against WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins. Lana turned heel and betrayed Rusev by kissing Lashly in front of everybody.

On the October 21 episode of RAW, The Bulgarian Brute appeared in the ring along with WWE Hall of Famer Jerry 'The King' Lawler in the latter's King's Court, where he was asked by Lawler to address the situation involving himself, Lana and Lashley. But they were interrupted by Lana and Lashley, who were shown to be enjoying a dinner date at a fine-dining restaurant.

Later in the night, Rusev went to the restaurant to attack Lashley and was taken into custody by the Cleveland Police. He was released later after no charges were pressed against him by either Lana or Lashley.

Demeaning comments

Both Lana and Lashley noted that they have received a lot of hate mail from a large section of the WWE Universe, with some going as far as to send Lashley death threats.

"I get very, very bad comments, ones I don't want to say on camera right now. Vulgar, death threats, there's a lot of things—but, ya know, I'm not a hard person to find and if anybody has anything to say about me, they can just come and see me. Not saying I'm going to fight every fan that disapproves of what we're doing, but I'm not going to back down to stupidity," Lashley said.

After Lashley spoke about the nature of the comments that he receives on social media, Lana added that the comments directed towards her aren't any better and that she didn't want to discuss them.For more updates and results check out WWE Raw Results Page.

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Published 29 Oct 2019, 00:57 IST
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