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WWE News: Bobby Lashley sends a surprising message to Braun Strowman following his devastating injury

Rohit Nath
4.18K   //    04 Jul 2019, 10:17 IST

RAW saw both behemoths go down
RAW saw both behemoths go down

What's the story?

Monday Night RAW had a rather shocking moment where Braun Strowman faced Bobby Lashley in a "Falls Count Anywhere" match and Braun Strowman bulldozed Lashley through an LED screen, causing multiple fuses to burst and making it look really risky.

As a result, Braun Strowman was written out with an injury (one that he was reportedly working through anyway). Lashley, when speaking on SmackDown Live, gave a rather surprising response, not only stating that Strowman deserved to get injured, but he doubled down on his comments as well, saying that "What he did last night wasn’t wrestling".

Read on to see what Lashley had to say about Strowman and his match against him.

In case you didn't know...

Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley have been in a rather random rivalry for the past month or so. Strowman faced Lashley at Super ShowDown without any real build and he defeated him clean as expected.

That didn't stop them from feuding, however, and over the last few weeks, they had segments such as an "Arm wrestling contest" and even a "Tug-of-war" for that matter. Basically, WWE has been protecting Strowman due to his nagging injury and finally wrote him out via the LED screen-breaking segment.

The heart of the matter

Speaking to WWE, Lashley doubled down on his comments against Strowman, ranting about the risks that the could have faced when going through the LED screen (H/T The Mirror).

"You know as far as I’m concerned, Braun Strowman got exactly what he deserved. What he did last night wasn’t wrestling,"
“Braun drove me off the stage into a very unsafe area.
"I could have been electrocuted or maybe even something worse, he knew exactly what he was doing and he didn’t care."

He stated that he was beat up, but Braun Strowman still got the worst of it. He then sent a stern warning to The Monster Among Men.

"You know, I’m all beat up right now - bruised up and everything else - but Braun got the worst of it as he should have."
“And I can tell you this, next time I see that son of a b**** I’m not gonna send him to the hospital, I’m gonna send him to the morgue.”

Bobby Lashley is expected to return soon while Strowman might be absent for a while.

What's next?

Bobby Lashley has no feud for Extreme Rules, so expect him to miss the PPV. As for Strowman's return, there's no timeline yet nor any other update. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for the latest updates on Strowman's medical condition!