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WWE News: Bobby Roode Says Farewell To NXT

8.11K   //    10 Sep 2017, 11:34 IST

The "Glorious" Bobby Roode

What's the story?

Like many NXT champions before him - such as Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, and Shinsuke Nakamura, Bobby Roode has made his way to the main roster with a big splash.

As is the tradition with those heading away from developmental to the bright lights of Raw and Smackdown, Roode had one final message for the NXT Universe.

In case you missed it...

After a successful career in the indies and TNA that spanned nearly 20 years, Roode made his debut in WWE as part of the NXT brand. It didn't take long before he became a major focus of the brand and he soon won the NXT championship from Shinsuke Nakamura in January of this year.

When he lost the title to Drew McIntyre in July, many expected a quick rematch, but he instead made a move right to Smackdown Live.

The heart of the matter

During an NXT show in his home Canadian province of Ontario, Roode addressed the crowd about his recent promotion:

Stepping away from his heel persona, Roode took time to not only thank the people behind the scenes at NXT but also the fans.

What's next?

Roode continues to make waves on Smackdown, winning his first two matches as WWE gets fans not familiar with the NXT product used to their latest superstar. Despite keeping the cocky mannerisms he had during his NXT run, his last two matches have been against heels.

This, combined with his very respectful speech being shown by the official WWE Twitter account, is a bit eyebrow raising. But, then again, they weren't exactly clear cut as to what side of the moral balance beam A.J. Styles was going to be on, either, when he first debuted.


Author's take

Bobby Roode is an amazing talent who deserves the opportunity he has in front of him. And I have no doubt he'll make good on it. But, part of me can't help but think that WWE is trying to get lightning to strike twice in a way.

After all - former NXT beloved with a good reputation online coming into the company. Of course, he also has the success in NXT to draw from as well, so it's not a complete cut and paste. I just hope this call-up is more Kevin Owens than it is Adam Rose.

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