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WWE News: Booker T on Enzo Amore getting fired from WWE

Johny Payne
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Enzo Amore will have a tough time on both the personal and professional front, per Booker T
Enzo Amore will have a tough time on both the personal and professional front, per Booker T

What’s the story?

On a recent edition of his podcast Heated Conversations, Booker T addressed Enzo Amore’s firing from the WWE.

Booker T cited examples of late rap legend Tupac Shakur and boxing Heavyweight icon Mike Tyson, so as to explain how the ongoing sexual assault incident could affect Enzo Amore’s personal and professional life. Besides, Booker T also chimed in with his advice for the younger generation and how one has to make the right decision in tricky situations.

In case you didn’t know…

Enzo Amore was initially suspended from the WWE after a young woman took to Twitter and accused him of sexual assault.

Following which, the WWE was informed that Amore had indeed hidden the case from the promotion—with the incident having taken place and investigation underway since October of last year.

While WWE employees are usually suspended until the investigation is over—brought back if they’re proven innocent or fired if found guilty by a court of law—the WWE terminated Amore’s contract immediately after learning that he’d hidden the case from them since last year.

The heart of the matter

Booker T recalled that Enzo Amore always seemed like a charitable person to him; and that he remembers the latter being very excited about travelling overseas, as the tour with WWE was his first trip abroad. Booker T added that Amore even donated a few of his sneakers (Amore being known to wear expensive sneakers) for the Hurricane Harvey relief cause.

Additionally, Booker T explained that Amore is now facing very serious allegations, and much like Mike Tyson was accused of sexual assault by a young woman who accompanied him to a hotel room, and Tupac Shakur accused of the same by a woman with whom he spent some time in a club, Amore now has to deal with the consequences of spending time with a young woman who’s levying serious allegations against the former WWE Superstar.

Booker T elucidated that firstly, one must ensure that they don’t put themselves in potentially risky situations such as spending time in an isolated hotel room or at a party involving drugs with individuals whom they’re not familiar with. He added that he himself has been in such situations many times, and could’ve faced the same fate as Amore, had he not chosen to disregard peer pressure and make the right decision in the heat of the moment.

Furthermore, Booker T explained that even if Amore is cleared of the sexual assault allegations, in the public’s eyes, he’ll always be perceived as a sexual predator. He continued that the bills are not going to stop coming, and it’d be tough for Amore going from rags to riches to rags again—

"I hope the situation gets fixed. My thing is this, hopefully, Enzo Amore has learned a huge lesson from this situation and I'm sure he has, but as far as fighting back, as far as coming back (to WWE), as far as going back to the promised land again, finding two lottery tickets, Mega Millions, (*laughs*). Do you know what I'm saying? You don't find them too often."

What’s next?

Booker T presently serves as a pre-show analyst on the WWE’s PPV events. Meanwhile, Enzo Amore is now embroiled in a legal battle pertaining to the sexual assault allegations levied on him by Philomena Sheahan.

Author’s take

Booker T is spot-on as regards Enzo Amore potentially having a hard time in the immediate future.

Amore is in a very serious situation right now, and one ought to refrain from passing any judgment on the situation until the case is sorted out in a court of law. Here’s hoping, justice is served. 

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