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WWE News: Booker T on making it in WWE, Jason Jordan, Ronda Rousey, and more

Johny Payne
710   //    27 Feb 2018, 21:40 IST

Booker T had words of high praise for Jason Jordan
Booker T had words of high praise for Jason Jordan

What’s the story?

On a recent edition of the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Booker T opened up on a myriad of topics.

Booker T revealed how he made it big in the WWE. Besides, the 5-time WCW Champion also spoke about the current generation of talent including Superstars such as Jason Jordan and Ronda Rousey.

In case you didn’t know…

Booker T has been considerably vocal, as regards both his criticism and praise when it comes to the current crop of pro wrestlers/sports entertainers.

Although Booker T is known for lashing out at Jason Jordan during the time the former served as part of the RAW commentary team, while speaking to Sam Roberts, Booker T had nothing but praise for Kurt Angle’s ‘son’.

The heart of the matter

Booker T revealed that back when WWE acquired WCW, he was one of WCW’s top wrestlers and knew that he could go out there and put on 5-star matches every day, however, he explained that before making it big in the ring, one has to get acquainted with the locker room and carve out a spot for themselves within the group. Booker T added that upon first coming to WWE, he simply laid back and chose to gradually make his way to the top.

Intriguingly, Booker T compared his career graph to that of AJ Styles, in the sense that Styles left behind all his accomplishments on the indie circuit and promotions such as Impact Wrestling, and had a new start to his career in WWE. Booker T asserted that one has to focus on character-building, fit in, take the script and make the best out of the opportunities accorded to them. Addressing the current talent, Booker T stated—

"I praise guys like Elias, going out there doing their thing, Jason Jordan, right now, man, I'm sick about Jason Jordan being on the shelf; I wanted to see him go out and have his WrestleMania moment. Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, rising from the ashes of what he was doing, the independent scene for 15 years—the Finn Balors of the world that I've seen do remarkable, spectacular things. With Neville many, many years ago…I'm very optimistic, man.”

Furthermore, Booker T recalled that a few months ago, he met Adam Cole at an autograph signing, and the latter spoke to him about wanting to work with WWE. Fast-forward to the Royal Rumble which took place this January, and Cole met Booker T backstage and expressed his happiness on working with WWE.

Besides, Booker T also elucidated that although Ronda Rousey most definitely has staying power and will survive in WWE, changing the entire landscape of the WWE would be a tall order for her as the WWE already has several talented female Superstars with Charlotte Flair being one of the best in the world today.

What’s next?

Booker T presently serves as an analyst for the WWE on PPV Pre-Shows.

Meanwhile, Jason Jordan is expected to miss out on in-ring competition for the next few months, whereas Ronda Rousey is to be featured prominently on WWE programming in the days to come.

Author’s take

Booker T is spot-on here, as his method of fitting into the WWE gradually worked wonders for his career; making him an all-time great.

Besides, it’s a tad disheartening to see Jason Jordan miss out on WrestleMania in the middle of the decent push he was receiving in the WWE. Here’s hoping the talented youngster has a safe and speedy recovery. 

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