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WWE News: Booker T praises Alexa Bliss, discusses AJ Styles and more

The 5-time WCW champion spoke about the early days of 'The Phenomenal One'.

Booker T feels Alexa Bliss is like a TNT firecracker

Retired WWE superstar and commentator Booker T showered a lot of praise on SmackDown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss in the latest episode of his podcast, Heated Conversations with Booker T. Apart from that, he also spoke about AJ Styles and had some words of wisdom for SmackDown Live’s Naomi.

Booker compared Bliss to a firecracker which can blow one’s hand off and appreciated her work inside the squared circle. Moreover, he also feels that displays great emotions while portraying her ‘heel’ character and is a terrific performer.

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This is what the 5-time WCW champion had to say about the ‘Five Feet Of Fury’:

“I like Bliss! Do you know what? Bliss is like one of those little TNT firecrackers. Do you know what I mean. You hold it in your hand. Bang! You'll blow your hand off. But she is awesome. Technically sound. She goes out there and performs at a high level. She has a lot of, she brings a lot of emotion to the table when she works from a heel perspective, from a worker's perspective. From a performer's perspective, she brings it.”

Talking about another performer from the SmackDown women’s division, Naomi, Booker T opined that she was highly talented but failed to draw any emotions from those who are watching her while she competes in the ring.

“She [has] got a lot of talent, but when I look at a performer, I look at their overall range, just like a musician. I've got to see exactly what you can do. If you can just sing, you're not a musician. Naomi is good, but her psychology, the reason she goes out there and [does] stuff. She does not bring me any emotion and make me feel when I watch her perform. She's just doing the moves,” Booker said about Naomi.

In his podcast, the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion also spoke highly of current WWE Champion AJ Styles. He claimed that he has known Styles for a long time now and felt that he had the calibre to become a champion anywhere he went. Booker said:

“The guy [does] not do anything but deliver each and every time that he's out there in the ring. AJ Styles has proved that he is a player in the WWE and I hope we see AJ Styles in the WWE for quite some time. I thought AJ Styles had the potential to be champion no matter wherever he went.

I actually had a chance to perform with AJ down in TNA and I thought he was an awesome performer. I got a chance to see AJ Styles trying to break into the [professional wrestling] business right there at the end of WCW, just trying to do anything to get in and he was an awesome, phenomenal talent even back then, just waiting to get a shot.”

Booker T also appreciated the work done by ‘The Phenomenal One’ on his accent as no one can make out that he is from the southern side of the country.

“Everybody always [says] guys with that southern accent don't do very well in the WWE environment, but you can't even really tell AJ is from the south. It seems like he [has] figured it out, how to drop the accent a little bit,” stated the WWE Hall of Famer.

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