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WWE News: Booker T reveals surprising reason for The Undertaker's quick WWE return

Rohit Nath
4.94K   //    27 Jun 2019, 10:44 IST

The Phenom came to save Roman Reigns
The Phenom came to save Roman Reigns

What's the story?

Booker T took to his Hall of Fame podcast to talk about the latest happenings in the world of pro wrestling and WWE. Naturally, the most-notable topic that he spoke about was The Undertaker's in-ring return.

While many fans wondered why The Undertaker is bouncing back just a few weeks after the Super ShowDown main event disaster, Booker T stated that the Goldberg match is the exact reason why he wants to come back so quickly, elaborating on it as well.

In case you didn't know...

In the latest WWE NEWS, the Undertaker returned on the latest episode of Monday Night RAW, where he saved Roman Reigns from a beatdown in the hands of Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre. He attacked the two heels, making it clear that he was on The Big Dog's side.

Fans were surprised that The Phenom is returning so quickly. Usually, he leaves a minimum month-gap before returning to the ring or spaces out the matches he has in a calendar year. For the first time in years, The Undertaker has returned weeks after his last match.

He will be teaming up with Roman Reigns to take on Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre at WWE Extreme Rules 2019. He has undoubtedly added starpower to the PPV.

The heart of the matter

Booker T seemed to imply that the reason behind The Undertaker returning is to "make things right" and that if the Goldberg match were to have been his last one, it wouldn't have been a satisfactory way to go out. He elaborated, saying (H/T WrestlingInc):

No one thought that they would see The Undertaker this soon after Super ShowDown, in what we would call, 'the incident.' No one thought we would see him this soon, but me personally, I think Undertaker was thinking, 'Man, I gotta go get this bad taste out of my mouth. I gotta get rid of it and do something to make me forget.

He recalled his own personal incident with Buff Bagwell, where he had to have a good match with him to impress WWE officials. It was a flop and it led to Booker T having a bad taste in his mouth. He praised The Undertaker for taking the initiative to right his wrong, stating:

I am sure The Undertaker was feeling the same way I was feeling knowing that people were going to bring it up until the rest of his wrestling career. And they probably still will. But just for himself, after going out there tonight and watching The Undertaker just a few minutes ago, it felt like The Undertaker of old.

What's next?

The Undertaker will be getting prepared to right his wrong as he hopes to steal the show alongside Roman Reigns at WWE Extreme Rules 2019.