"Hell no" - Ex-WWE King of the Ring winner says Xavier Woods cannot top his reign

Xavier Woods won King of the Ring at Crown Jewel
Xavier Woods won King of the Ring at Crown Jewel

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T thinks King Woods cannot be better than him as King in WWE. The WWE legend thinks that The New Day member has to chart his own path and not try to be like him or other Kings of the past.

Booker T won the King of the Ring tournament in 2006 and portrayed a character that is widely remembered by fans even after all these years. His character is regarded by many as the best King of the Ring character in the history of the tournament.

Booker T has discussed Xavier Woods' run as King on WWE television and thinks that it is similar to The New Day gimmick, which he thinks is fine. In his Hall of Fame podcast, the two-time Hall of Famer stated in no uncertain terms, though, that Woods cannot top his reign as King in WWE.

"His gimmick is more... still somewhat New Day-ish. Is there anything wrong with that? I can't say there's anything wrong with that. What memories he leaves, it's going to be all on him. For him to go out there and be like me, that's not going to work. People are not going to buy that. Everything that he's doing right now, he's going to leave a legacy and it's going to be remembered as what it is. We're not going to find out till it's all over with. Will it top my reign? Hell no (laughs). No one can touch my reign, that's just the way I feel," said Booker T.

Booker T thinks King Woods has got a hard road ahead and that he will have the biggest night as King this Friday, when he faces Roman Reigns on SmackDown.

King Woods' biggest test as King on this week's WWE SmackDown

You come to my show, you come correct. Respect the top of the food chain. We eat first. #HeadOfTheTable #Smackdown

On last week's SmackDown, King Woods battled Jimmy Uso in the main event of the show and the former won. As per the stipulation, Uso had to bend the knee to WWE's "King", but before he could do it, Roman Reigns appeared and attacked both New Day members.

This coming week on SmackDown, Reigns will battle Woods after The Tribal Chief challenged the King of the Ring winner.

This will be the very first time that the two will face each other in a singles match in WWE.

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