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WWE News : Booker T talks his party affiliation and Donald Trump

Booker recently announced that he will be running for office in 2020.

Booker T
Will he be able to become Mayor Booker?

As we reported previously, WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T recently announced that he would be running for mayor of Houston in the year 2020. Ever since his announcement, speculations have been high on which party the Hall of Famer will represent on his first political campaign.

Booker recently gave an interview to Fox Business, which was mostly centred around the former United States Champion's political aspirations. Among other things, he also shared his thoughts on selecting a party to represent.

After staying active in the business for almost three decades, Booker T was inducted into WWE Hall Of Fame back in 2013. He announced his ambition of running for office during the December 10th episode of his 'Heated Conversations' podcast. 

When asked about his party affiliation, the former WCW star revealed that he has not affiliated with a party yet, and compared choosing a party without diligence to choosing a brand of soda:

"I haven’t, you know, declared, affiliated a party or anything like that. It’s almost like Coca-Cola, you go in to sit down for dinner and they ask you what you want and you say give me a Coke.  It’s because, you know, that’s what your dad drank, that’s what your granddad drank.”

Donald Trump has probably been the most talked personality of 2016. Despite all the criticism and negative promotions, he managed to win the Presidential Election. Talking about him, the former WCW World Champion praised the next President of USA and said that he is a man's man:

“I actually met Donald Trump and shook his hand and looked him in the eye and it tells me a lot when you look a person in the eye, He’s a man’s man first and foremost, you know, you can’t pretty much, you know, put him to the side and expect anything less than a good fight'

While there is a long history of former wrestlers who have tried their hands in politics, there have been only a few who have made this transaction successfully. If Booker T does win the upcoming election, he will become one of the few former wrestlers to have acquired a career in politics successfully.

You can see the podcast where he made the announcement of running for the mayor below:

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