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WWE News: Brand new WWE Collection titled "The New Day: Feel The Positivity" announced for WWE Network

WWE Network subscribers, get set for some Booty-licious content.

New Day
New Day’s greatest hits will be coming to the WWE Network

What's the story?

As reported by Wrestling News Source, WWE is set to release a new WWE Network Collection this month, which will be entitled "The New Day: Feel The Positivity". The collection is reportedly being put together in celebration of Black History Month, which WWE take part in every year.

In case you didn't know...

The WWE Collections allow fans to see all their favourite moments of a certain Superstar or time period in one place. It gathers the most important snippets of one particular career or time period so that you can focus solely on that genre as opposed to scouring through the Network yourself, having to find all of the videos individually.

The heart of the matter

The official synopsis for the collection has also been revealed, as seen on WWENetworkNews.com.

"Celebrate Black History Month with the most entertaining trio in recent WWE history. Don't you dare be sour! Sit back and enjoy the hilarious antics of The New Day. Remember when Big E ate a kazoo? Or, Kofi’s ‘old man’ shoes’. What about the group’s efforts to save the tables? The time machine. A gigantic box of Booty O’s. Francesca! All your favorite New Day moments are together in one place in this WWE Network Collection."

WWE have always played a big role in Black History Month

What's next?

It's set to be released this coming week, so Network subscribers won't have to wait long in order to see their favourite bits and pieces from the career of The New Day. Whether the company will be releasing any more Collections related to BHM remains to be seen. However, the promotion looks set to continue the weekly packages dedicated to iconic figures from the past.

Sportskeeda's take

This is great news all round because it allows WWE to continue its celebration of Black History Month, whilst also giving fans an in-depth look into the past of The New Day. Some people may not actually know how poorly they were received when they first got together, so it'll be interesting to see the reactions if the Collection does indeed talk about their beginnings.

We couldn't be happier to see New Day's hard work be recognised like this, and it's an exciting treat for members of the WWE Universe.

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