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WWE News: Brandi Rhodes on who among her and Cody decided to leave WWE first, knowing her work schedule now and more

Brandi Rhodes also revealed the reason why she quit the company.

Cody and Brandi Rhodes recently made their TNA debut together

In an interview for the Wrestling Compadres Slamcast, former WWE ring announcer Brandi Rhodes discussed in detail about her and her husband Cody Rhodes’ decision to quit the WWE and how things have been for them ever since.

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Brandi claimed that life has been far more exciting for her compared to what it was in the WWE. The reason for the difference is the fact that she has her own schedule now unlike going to a Raw show back then not even knowing whether she would be working or not. Here’s what Rhodes said:

“It has been a ton of fun. In the early stages, we had time that we never had before, but now things are really busy so time is, like it was before, home a couple of days and then gone again, but the difference in it is being excited; and I don’t mean that I wasn’t excited being in WWE, but knowing exactly what I am doing, and knowing that I chose to do it is completely different than going to a Raw and not knowing if I was working or not, and that can be a long, depressing day going for 12 hours, and then driving for 4 hours to the next show in hopes to be working; so, at least I know that I am working when I am doing all of this.”

On who initially decided not to continue working with the WWE, Brandi Rhodes revealed that she was the one who came up with it first. This is because she wanted to do more than remaining just a ring announcer for SmackDown and conducting backstage interviews on Raw. She explained:

“For Smackdown, I definitely knew that I was working, which was great. For Raw, I was always one of the many, at the time, backstage correspondence, and I would try always to be like, okay, can I do this? Or, can I do this? For Monday’s, I definitely didn’t know if I was working that day, which ultimately became one of the catalysts for me to be like, I don’t know if I want to keep working here. It was me who brought it up first that I didn’t want to work for WWE anymore. Cody wasn’t even there yet as far as wanting to leave.”

The TNA star was also asked whether she had any ill feelings against her previous company or the people associated with it. In response, Brandi Rhodes asserted that everyone was very good to her there so she does not have any reason to hold a grudge.

“For me, the people that I worked with were very good to me, so I can’t think of anyone that is associated with the company that I would walk passed if I saw them, so no, I would never snub anyone or anything like that. I don’t have a reason to,” Rhodes was quoted as saying.

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