WWE News: Braun Strowman annihilates Roman Reigns

One of the Most Devastating attacks of all time

Braun Strowman made an epic statement on tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw by brutally attacking Roman Reigns multiple times and sending him to the hospital.

The segment began with Reigns being interviewed backstage by Michael Cole about possibly retiring The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33. Reigns said he had mixed emotions but was attacked by Strowman before he could elaborate.

This one-sided brawl went out of control backstage and the crowd could be heard chanting and cheering for Braun Strowman to continue his assault which saw Reigns crashing through tables and being hit with a powerbomb.

As Strowman continued to devastate Reigns, fans could be heard chanting “One More Time,” “You Deserve It,” and “Thank You Strowman.” Eventually, Reigns was laid out onto a stretcher, but Strowman continued the assault and sent Reigns off of a loading deck and crashing to the pavement.

As he was put into another ambulance, Strowman locked Reigns inside, closed all the doors, and tipped over the ambulance. The only negative in this segment was the fact that you can hear a machine lifting the vehicle with Reigns, but that does absolutely nothing to take away from this devastating beatdown.


After this assault, it is likely that Reigns will be off TV for a long period of time. The fans are outraged at Reigns for retiring the Undertaker and this could be a way to let the hate die down. However, the biggest takeaway from this was how destructive Strowman looked.

Many fans were concerned that Strowman lost his heat after his loss to Reigns at Fastlane, but it seems those worries have been quelled. Hopefully, the WWE can continue to build Strowman up following up this fantastic segment.

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