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WWE News: Braun Strowman destroyed a popular faction after RAW went off the air

Riju Dasgupta
16 Jan 2018, 15:08 IST

Can anyone stop Braun Strowman?
Can anyone stop Braun Strowman?

What's the story?

This week on RAW, Kurt Angle made the mistake of firing Braun Strowman on live TV. Following the same, Strowman unleashed a path of destruction leaving only chaos in his wake, as he steamrolled through everyone, including Michael Cole.

Wrestling Inc. reports that even after the cameras stopped rolling, nobody was safe from Braun Strowman's hands. He reigned down blow after blow after blow on a popular WWE faction- The Miztourage.

In case you didn't know...

Based on the fact that Braun Strowman's actions incapacitated Brock Lesnar and Kane last week, he was fired this week on RAW. The carnage that ensued last week was nothing compared to what Strowman did this week.

From catering, to the production area to the backstage to the commentary table, everything bore the signs of devastation from Strowman's hands. Apparently, the carnage continued after RAW as well.

The heart of the matter

Normally, there is a dark match that follows RAW, every week. This week, The Miztourage came out for a comedy skit. Braun Strowman would have none of it. Much like he doesn't like getting fired, he doesn't like comedy segments either, we presume.

Strowman would come out and take out The Miztourage. Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas and The Miz were battered as the crowd cheered Strowman on his path of destruction. We can only imagine that the coming weeks will bring more chaos, destruction and utter carnage.

What's next?

Braun Strowman, Kane and Brock Lesnar will fight it out for the Universal Championship at the Royal Rumble. There's one week to go before that happens. Could we see Strowman lock horns, maybe with a WWE legend?

Author's take

Put the title on Strowman already. There's nobody half as over as he is on RAW, and at least he shows up every week, unlike Brock Lesnar.

He's by far the most exciting thing in WWE, for me, at least right now.

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