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WWE News: Braun Strowman makes hilarious botch at WWE Press Conference in Las Vegas

7.86K   //    12 Oct 2019, 04:29 IST

Braun Strowman will face Tyson Fury at Crown Jewel
Braun Strowman will face Tyson Fury at Crown Jewel

WWE called for a press conference ahead of Friday Night SmackDown earlier today so that COO Triple H could announce two huge matches for the upcoming pay-per-view in Saudi Arabia, Crown Jewel.

Crown Jewel takes place on October 31st live from The Middle East and will now see Tyson Fury take on Braun Strowman whilst Brock Lesnar battles Cain Velasquez. The Game stated that it would be a night that will unite UFC, Boxing and Wrestling.

It was a conference that lasted just half an hour and saw all four men maintain their professionalism even though things got tense between Strowman and Fury before Triple H came up and broke them up.

Braun Strowman's embarrassing botch

Strowman is welcoming Fury to the WWE and took the opportunity as part of the press conference to warn the World Champion boxer that he would be "Getting these hands" at Crown Jewel. His warning was going well until the date of the show was mentioned and it appears that no one told him the date was actually October 31st.

Halloween isn't a hard date to remember, but it appears that Braun believes that he and Tyson Fury are going to collide on October 15th instead, which is next Tuesday night. The fact that SmackDown no longer takes place on a Tuesday means that there is definitely nothing happening that night. It just seems that Strowman got his wires crossed and simply uttered the wrong date.

WWE stars are on the road around 300 days a year and have to remember dates for promos all the time, Braun isn't the first star to announce the wrong date for a show and he more than likely won't be the last.

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