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WWE News: Braun Strowman to compete in huge stipulation match on RAW next week

Nicky Pags
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Braun Strowman
Braun Strowman

What's the story?

For the past few weeks on WWE RAW, The Monster Among Men, otherwise known as Braun Strowman, has been battling Bobby Lashley in competitions including an arm wrestling match and a tug of war battle, with the All Mighty gaining the upper-hand in the most recent of their contests.

It appears as if the two behemoth are not yet finished with each other, as WWE has announced Strowman will face Lashley in a big stipulation match next week on Monday Night Raw.

In case you didn't know

Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman have taken their feud on Raw outside of standard in-ring competition in the past few weeks, with the most recent test of strength coming when Lashley met The Monster Among Men in a Tug of War.

The bout did not go as Strowman had planned, however, as Lashley immediately attacked The Monster Among Men after the official war began, and continued to assault Strowman after the referee called for the bell.

Despite Strowman's best efforts to fight off his foe, Lashley was able to connect with a vicious attack from behind which sent Strowman careening into the barricade outside the ring.

The heart of the matter

WWE has announced that Braun Strowman will get his chance at revenge against Bobby Lashley, when the two face-off in a Falls Count Anywhere match on Monday Night Raw next week.

"Strowman will have a chance for retribution against the bitter Lashley when they meet in a Falls Count Anywhere Match on Raw in Dallas," reads the official announcement from
"Will Lashley continue to “get these hands” as these titans battle all over the arena in a bout where pinfalls or submissions can occur anywhere? Or will The All Mighty use this chaotic stipulation to finally cut The Monster Among Men down to size?"

What's next?

It remains to be seen if Monday night's battle between two of WWE's largest athletes will be the end of the feud between Strowman and Lashley, but with the bout being contested under No DQ rules, it's certainly shaping up to be the most physical of the encounters had by both Superstars.

How do you feel about the big match set for Raw this week? Will it help draw viewers to the show and build interest in Lashley's current direction?