WWE News: Bray Wyatt discusses about the Wyatt Family

The Wyatt Family before the WWE Draft
Modified 16 Aug 2016

Despite portraying a villainous character, the Eater of Worlds, Bray Wyatt has successfully earned the support from the WWE Universe. Wyatt’s amazing mic skills, supported by his swiftness in the ring has led him to compete with some of the best wrestlers in WWE. His faction named The Wyatt Family has also received a positive response from the fans and critics.

Unfortunately, this couldn’t help him capture any championship gold in this business, which is why he’s considered as one of the most underutilized superstars on WWE’s current roster.

In the recent WWE Draft, the black sheep of the Family, Braun Strowman was drafted to RAW while Bray Wyatt and Eric Rowan ended up in SmackDown Live. With Luke Harper being out of action due to a knee injury, The Wyatt Family were reduced to only two members. 

In this situation, the creatives are trying their best to keep the Wyatt Family relevant, using only Bray and Rowan. Harper’s return date being unknown, several fans felt that the end of the Family will be sooner than expected. But, Bray counteracted those rumors by claiming :

“I always have someone with me. It’s not just me, or me and Rowan, it’s me and the legion. It’s such a simple answer. If you have a voice like mine, that I want to project and I want people to hear, millions and millions of people watch this show every week. If you have a childhood dream to change the world, it’s the perfect outlet.”

So, it can be assumed that the Wyatt Family will be noticed on the blue brand for some time now. 

Recently, Bray Wyatt tried to insert himself in the main event picture of WWE SummerSlam, by attacking the #1 Contender for WWE Championship, Dolph Ziggler. Even with the assist from Rowan, he failed to earn a spot on the card. 

Bray is now rumored to work an angle with Randy Orton after SummerSlam which will keep him sidelined from the WWE Championship picture once again. This feud may turn out to be the same old Wyatt storyline that WWE has been providing its fans for a year now, which culminates with the Wyatt Family being on the losing end.

Published 16 Aug 2016
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