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WWE News: Bray Wyatt's heartbreaking reaction to Bludgeon Brothers' debut

Daniel Wood
40.80K   //    22 Nov 2017, 08:45 IST

What does Bray Wyatt think about his former family's new look?
What does Bray Wyatt think about his former family's new look?

What's the story?

Today, two of the former Wyatt Family members Luke Harper and Erick Rowan debuted as the Bludgeon Brothers, but it didn't go unnoticed by their former Wyatt Family leader, Bray Wyatt who had a message for SmackDown LIVE's newest tag-team.

In case you didn't know...

Luke Harper and Erick Rowan enjoyed a prolonged run in the Wyatt Family stable but re-debuted as the Bludgeon Brothers on the post-Survivor Series SmackDown LIVE and absolutely bludgeoned (ahem, excuse me) the Hype Bros in a squash match.

The heart of the matter

It was a good debut for the Bludgeon Brothers, earning a decisive squash match victory over an already established tag-team in the Hype Bros, the future is looking pretty good for the two if they're given the right build.

The same can't be said for their former leader Bray Wyatt who has had a torrid time of late, missing out on Survivor Series, and sitting Tables, Ladders and Chairs due to a viral illness that also sidelined Roman Reigns. It seems like Wyatt feels he needs his family back,

What's next?

Bray Wyatt doesn't have a clear direction moving forward, the last thing of note that he did was injure Jason Jordan on the Monday Night RAW before Survivor Series, so who knows what's next for him?

As for the Bludgeon Brothers, I think we can expect them to go on to have several more dominant victories over the tag-teams of SmackDown LIVE. That, or they'll end up being revealed as '2B' in the next instalment of 'The Fashion Files.'

Author's take

The Wyatt family were a great tag-team but their booking, as well as the booking of Wyatt as their leader, ruined almost all of the mystery and allure they had as a cult-like faction. All three should have been legitimate stars by now but it hasn't worked out, hopefully, this new gimmick can get Luke Harper and Erick Rowan close.

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