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WWE News: Brian Christopher reveals Vince McMahon's message to the WWE Superstars at the start of the Attitude Era 

Jerry Lawler's son talked about the lifestyle that the WWE stars followed in the Attitude Era.

News 02 Oct 2017, 00:44 IST

Too Cool make their entrance on their way to meet 3MB
Too Cool make their entrance on their way to meet 3MB

What's the story?

Brian Christopher, the son of Jerry "The King" Lawler, had a lot to say when he was interviewed on The Roman Show. On the show, he talked about WWE during the Attitude Era and the message that Vince McMahon delivered to the WWE Superstars at the beginning of the Attitude Era.

In case you didn't know...

The Attitude Era was the most financially lucrative era in WWE's history, and it was a time where wrestling's popularity was at its peak. It was during this period that the Monday Night Wars were at their height and wrestling underwent a revolution of innovation.

Instead of the cosy, family-friendly style that had defined the genre for so many years, the Attitude Era ushered in a time of more risque television, where the programming was not aimed at children.

The heart of the matter

Christopher said in the interview that Mr McMahon brought to the attention of the stars the need for a drastic change in their attitudes. He wanted WWE wrestlers to have the attitude of the edgier product that they were portraying.

"As of today everyone is going to have attitude."

He said that at that time it was not something they just did in the ring. It was a lifestyle that they all followed, wherever they were.

"I don't care if you are at the mall, if you are eating at a restaurant, I don't care if you are at the airport. We had attitude."

The son of "The King", also talked about the incredible stars that WWE's roster had at that point and pointed out that with the likes of DX, the Hardy Boyz and Chyna there was hardly any chance for WCW to compete with the WWE.


Here is a video of Brian Christopher dancing with Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty as Grand Master Sexay.

Author's take

The Attitude Era was a different time for the WWE, and the attitudes of the wrestlers were very different from now. WWE's popularity has never been the same since then, even though they have many capable wrestlers on their roster at this moment of time.

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