WWE News: Brock Lesnar attends daughter's volleyball game and doesn't look happy about it

Why so serious, Brock Lesnar?
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What's the story?

WWE Superstars Brock Lesnar and Sable have been married for more than a decade at this point and although the two are both pretty large celebrities in their own right, they also have personal lives and attend normal functions as a family when they can.

But when "The Beast Incarnate" and his wife were recently spotted at Lesnar's daughter's volleyball game he didn't have the most pleasant expression on his face.

In case you didn't know

Brock Lesnar and Sable have two sons, Turk and Duke but Lesnar also has twins from a previous relationship, Mya Lynn and Luke. Along with Sable's daughter, they're one big happy family blended family and seem to be making it work pretty well.

The heart of the matter

If you were at your kid's volleyball game and Brock Lesnar strolled into the room with this look on his face, you'd be leary not to cross him as well. We're not sure what was irritating Lesnar in this photo, but he didn't seem too happy about something.

Then again, he might have just been focused on something or putting on a show for the opposing team. But whatever may be the reason, it certainly got our attention.


What's next?

If Brock Lesnar's daughter keeps it up with her volleyball career and wants to jump into the ring it's likely Vince McMahon's love of second-generation pro wrestlers could cause an open door for her.

After all, Charlotte Flair was a volleyball player before coming into the WWE Performance Center, so it would be easy to picture Brock Lesnar's offspring in the same position.

Author's take

Brock Lesnar has a pretty sweet life if you're really stacking things up in comparison to a normal person. He gets paid loads of money to hold the WWE Universal Title and work a very limited schedule.

WrestleMania 34 is coming up quick meaning Lesnar needs to renegotiate his contract, so it might be hard to pass up on another run with WWE while the deal is so sweet. But all that didn't seem to put a smile on Brock Lesnar's face when he attended his daughter's volleyball game.

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