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WWE News: Brock Lesnar may not be affected by the WWE Wellness Policy

2.27K   //    20 Jul 2016, 12:40 IST
As a part-time performer, Brock Lesnar could be exempt from WWE’s Wellness Policy

It was reported earlier this morning that Brock Lesnar had tested positive for the second time, this time for an in-competition sample obtained just before UFC 200.

This development is expected to compound the situation he finds himself in, with talk already rife about how far-reaching the implications of the possible sanctions he faces from the Nevada State Athletic Commission and USADA would be.

Another pertinent question that everyone is pondering about is how much the legitimacy of the WWE Wellness Policy would be showed up if the company fails to impose some kind of penalty of its own on Lesnar.

Thankfully for the WWE though, they may not even have to make the hard choices in this situation.

As stated by none other than Vince McMahon, in an interview conducted in December of 2007, part-time wrestlers are not necessarily subjected to the scrutiny of the Wellness Policy, reports WrestlingInc.

And Brock Lesnar certainly fits into that category.

While the regular and contracted performers in the WWE wrestle close to 100 times a year, Brock Lesnar only appears intermittently, having wrestled lesser than 10 matches in a calendar year for each year he has been back in the company for his second stint. 

As quoted by Vince McMahon in the interview if the Wellness Policy applies to him (a part-time performer); 

“I'm not a regularly scheduled performer. In addition to that, I'm 62 years old, not 26. And the Wellness Policy is designed for those young competitors who compete on a regular basis”

Although Lesnar is closer to 40 than 60, it certainly seems that not being contracted full-time with the WWE could give him an out in this situation.

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