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WWE News: Brooke Hogan not denying Hulk Hogan Wrestlemania return claims

The Immortal One's daughter was once again asked about her statement on her father's return to WWE, and she didn't exactly deny it.

Brooke Hogan revealed earlier this month that Hulk Hogan and WWE are working a deal on a Wrestlemania return

Brooke Hogan was once again asked about her claims regarding her father Hulk Hogan’s Wrestlemania return. She said that the last time she mentioned it, she got in trouble for it. However, she didn’t really deny the claims of his return. To avoid getting in trouble again, she simply said, “He (Hogan) is capable of anything”.

When asked again if he is returning, she said that she could not tell the interviewer at that time.

She also spoke little about her planned Women’s Wrestling League. Alluding to Hogan’s big payday after the Gawker lawsuit victory, Brooke was asked whether she was going to get the Hulkster’s funding for the league, to which she replied that she is going to try to do it on her own and “make him proud”.

After the interviewer had mentioned the league’s ties with TNA, and the availability of Billy Corgan after he cut ties with the promotion, she was asked whether they were looking to hire Corgan. Brooke said that while they are primarily looking to focus on females, they are open to hiring anyone with experience.

You can watch the full video below:

In case you’ve not seen the original interview, here it is:

On the Bischoff On Wrestling podcast, Hulk Hogan vehemently denied Brooke’s statement, saying that there are no talks between him and WWE. However, certain reports might state otherwise. Many believe that Hogan is denying his return intentionally. 

PWInsider stated that some weeks ago, Hogan was in New York City, possibly filming content for the WWE Network. Also, there have been recent voice overs spotted on the WWE Network with Hogan’s voice.

All Wrestling News stated that all these circumstances are no coincidence. Moreover, for the last few months, WWE has not hidden old Hogan footage and has not shied away from mentioning his name.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter stated that WWE has to check with their sponsors if they are ok with bringing Hogan back for ‘PR’ reasons. Hogan left on very bad terms after an audio tape of a racist rant by the Immortal one, leaked to the world.

The big company sponsors generally like to stay away from PR nightmares, so WWE will have to cross check with them, or the promotion could lose it sponsors.

Do you want to see The Immortal Hulk Hogan back at Wrestlemania 33?

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