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WWE News: Bruce Prichard on the moment Vince McMahon fell in love with Brock Lesnar

Rohit Nath
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Brock Lesnar
Vince McMahon has stated that he would rather see Brock Lesnar as a "special attraction"

What's the story?

On an episode of Something To Wrestle With, Bruce Prichard revealed the exact moment when Vince McMahon fell in love with Brock Lesnar.

In case you didn't know...

Brock Lesnar debuted in WWE in 2002 as The Next Big Thing. He received a monsters singles push, defeating The Rock for the WWE Championships just 4 months into his main roster run.

Lesnar would remain a main eventer for the rest of his first WWE run, but he left abruptly after his passion for pro wrestling seemingly died out. He also cited frustration in the full-time schedule and being on the road all the time.

He would go on to have a successful MMA career, even becoming UFC Heavyweight Champion. This undoubtedly shot up his box office value many-fold. He made his WWE return in 2012 and has been a part-time schedule since. He's enjoyed huge success however, as he's won 2 world titles.

Vince McMahon on The Stone Cold Podcast revealed why he felt Brock Lesnar shouldn't be on television week-in and week-out like the other superstars

The heart of the matter

Bruce Prichard revealed the exact moment when Vince McMahon fell in love with The Beast Incarnate(H/T

I remember Brock saying something like 'I want to be an entertainer,' and Vince fell in love with him right there. Vince would have married him right there

It's no secret that Vince McMahon has always been high on Brock Lesnar. The fact that he was pushed to a world title run just 4 months from his main roster debut says the whole story.

And the fact of the matter is, a talent like Lesnar can't be denied. He has a special aura about him where he doesn't really need to say much. He just needs to be the ass-kicker that he is. The talking is what Paul Heyman is for!

What's next?

Brock Lesnar is likely going to miss the remainder of the year and next defend the Universal Championship only at the Royal Rumble. The goal, as we all know, is for an inevitable clash against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 34.

Author's Take

It's no surprise that Vince has always been high on Brock Lesnar. He has the look, the in-ring ability and everything you would want in a top WWE superstar. Who knows what could have happened if Lesnar decided not to leave the first time around. Could he have been the face of the company instead of John Cena? We'll never know!

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