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WWE News: Bruce Prichard talks about the time when Brock Lesnar played a prank on the Big Show 

Johny Payne
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Big Show (Before)              Big Show (After)
Big Show (Before) Big Show (After)

What’s the story?

On a recent edition of Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard, former WWE Executive Bruce Prichard recalled the time Brock Lesnar played a prank on the Big Show in real life.

Prichard explained that despite the WWE’s orders to Big Show which placed the giant on a strict diet in order to get him back into shape, the World's Largest Athlete would still order 3-4 dozens of doughnuts for himself. Prichard claimed that Brock Lesnar happened to run into a person taking the doughnuts to Big Show and proceeded to take a bite out of every doughnut. He then told the person carrying the confectionery to take them to the giant and tell him that it was Lesnar who took a bite out of his doughnuts.

Furthermore, Prichard also stated that Vince McMahon was genuinely worried about the Big Show’s bad eating habits and smoking catching up with the giant and causing him an early death much like Andre The Giant.

In case you didn’t know…

Big Show, whose real name is Paul Wight, is infamous for his overindulgence in food and poor health habits that have caused him several issues over the course of his career.

The World’s Largest Athlete once weighed in excess of 500 pounds and was heavily criticized for being out of shape and having poor stamina, which in turn adversely affected his performances in the WWE.

The heart of the matter:

Bruce Prichard — a high-ranking ex-WWE employee — narrated how Brock Lesnar pranked the Big Show, stating:

“One of these times Show was on a diet and taking care of himself and eating healthy. Harvey Whippleman walks in with I think three or four dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Brock stops him and says, 'hey, Krispy Kreme! Who are those for?' 'Oh man, these are Big Show's' and he's like, 'all of them?' 'Yeah, but don't tell anybody.'”
“So, Brock goes in to every doughnut and takes a huge bite out of every doughnut and puts them back in the box and goes, 'take them to him now and tell him who did it.'"

When asked about the long-running rumour of the Big Show once having fallen asleep during a WWE production meeting, Prichard refrained from giving a direct answer but instead simply said that the latter was immature back then and would often rub people the wrong way.

Additionally, Prichard stated that it was Big Show’s bad eating habits, smoking addiction and lack of discipline in training that led to Vince McMahon briefly sending Show to the WWE’s developmental territory OVW.

What’s next?

Big Show has now turned around his fitness, and with it, his life. He is still the WWE’s most popular giant and routinely posts his training videos on social media.

The big man has credited fellow WWE Superstar John Cena for helping him bring structure to his training routine.

Author’s take

Big Show’s career, be that as it may, is one that’ll always go down as a memorable one in the history books.

It’s great to see the giant turn around his life and health for good. 

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