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WWE News: Bubba Ray Dudley 'heels' on The Rock's mom

"If you poke a shark in the eye, you're going to be swallowed whole!"

The Rock with his mum, Ata Johnson

It is almost customary for heels in the WWE to try and ruffle up famous personalities sitting at ringside in order to procure heat, but sometimes, relatives of other WWE Superstars also fall prey to the same tactic.

Not too long ago, Rusev mouthed off to Titus O’Neil’s children after making him tap out to the Accolade on Father’s Day.

‘Heeling’ on the loved ones of WWE Superstars is an almost guaranteed means of generating heat, and being a veteran of the industry, Bubba Ray Dudley needs no introduction to this.

And this time, the victim was Ata Johnson, the mother of The Rock, who was sitting ringside for the WWE Main Event tapings that were happening in her hometown of Miami.

After having bore witness to generations of pro-wrestling, she may have taken it in her stride, but that didn’t stop Bubba Ray from posting a half-apologetic message on Twitter to the Rock, informing him of his actions.

After all, although he is predominantly in Hollywood, The Rock is still a big dog in the WWE hierarchy and upsetting him just wouldn’t do now, would it?

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