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WWE News: Buddy Murphy says he lied about Reigns' attacker after being ambushed by Rowan and Daniel Bryan

777   //    14 Aug 2019, 07:36 IST

Buddy Murphy can't buy himself some solace on SmackDown.
Buddy Murphy can't buy himself some solace on SmackDown.

As he was the only other Superstar seen in the backstage footage regarding the first attack on Roman Reigns, Buddy Murphy was obviously going to have a big role to play in the story. After another attack via automobile the following week, Reigns decided to confront Murphy about the incidents since he was the only person also seen in the footage.

After tossing the Best Kept Secret around the locker room, Reigns apparently got his answer after Murphy revealed under duress that Rowan was the man behind the attacks. It shocked Reigns to his core but also enraged Rowan and Daniel Bryan as they would later deny any involvement.

If he didn't have enough on his plate regarding The Big Dog, then it completely became overfilled at SummerSlam when Rowan decided to attack Murphy during his pre-show match with Apollo Crews. The two Superstars were having a good match before Rowan attacked Murphy by throwing him around and into the ring.

Murphy had requested a match with Roman Reigns on tonight's SmackDown after last week's actions.

After a fantastic match and one that should put the Best Kept Secret on the map in WWE, Murphy eventually lost to The Big Dog. His night, however, wasn't over by a long shot.

Just as he was confronted by Reigns in the locker room last week, Murphy was singled out once again by Rowan and Bryan. After some bullying and physicality that saw Murphy fly around the locker room once again, the former Cruiserweight champ backtracked on his words that Rowan was behind the attacks.

It was the exact same way in which he was forced to reveal the attacker, so can we believe anything that he has been forced to say over the last two weeks?


Bryan was correct during SmackDown when he said that people may say anything when being threatened. After initially refusing to name the attacker or admit that he had lied, Murphy was forced to cave to his attackers once again.

So who are we really supposed to believe is behind the attacks? Is Murphy the real culprit and trying to cast blame towards someone else? Is he just unfortunate for being in the wrong place at the wrong time? Are Bryan and Rowan just covering their bases since they've been outed?

Or is the attacker someone we're not even considering at the moment? All that is certain is that this storyline will continue to grip the psyches of Bryan, Murphy and Reigns until the true attack is revealed.

Who do you think is behind the attack? Comment below.

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