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ROH News: Bully Ray on "character development and storytelling"; calls it lost art

Johny Payne
777   //    31 Oct 2017, 22:44 IST

Bully Ray (Right) played a huge role in the majority of TNA's top storylines for about a decade
Bully Ray (Right) played a huge role in a majority of TNA's top storylines for about a decade

What’s the story?

In a recent interview on First Thing, Bully Ray asserted that he’d advise young wrestlers to focus more on character development and storytelling rather than spot-fests.

Additionally, Ray reiterated that he’d love for talent to seek advice from him, but asserted that he would refrain from imposing himself on the young lot.

In case you didn’t know…

Bully Ray aka Bubba Ray Dudley recently announced his retirement from the sport of professional wrestling after more than two decades of competition.

Ray has chalked out his intentions of assuming a full-fledged behind-the-scenes role in the business, helping hone up-and-coming stars in the industry.

The heart of the matter

Firstly, Bully Ray elucidated that he loves to work behind the scenes for ROH (Ring Of Honor) and prides himself upon seeing younger guys achieve success partly based on the advice he gives them.

Besides, Ray clarified that by no means does he force his advice on the talent; adding that he abstains from going out of his way and telling them what and how to go about their wrestling & storytelling.

However, Bully pointed out that should performers approach him on their own accord, he’s more than happy to help them, as their act of reaching out for help shows the rookies’ dedication to the business. Ray continued—

"Character development and storytelling, because a lot of young wrestlers today think it's all about the moves…They just go out there and flip all around the place, and listen, there is a section of the fan base and the audience that likes that.”

“But for the most part, for 100 years, what has professional wrestling been built on? The art of storytelling and characters (for example) Good vs. evil—Darth Vader vs. Luke Skywalker—Black hat vs. white hat."


What’s next?

Bully Ray presently serves as a backstage executive for ROH. Speaking of which, the former TNA Heavyweight Champion also actively works towards honing the next generation of wrestlers, at the Team 3D Academy of Wrestling with former Tag Team partner Devon Dudley.

Author’s take

Bully Ray may very well be one of the most entertaining performers in TNA history.

I fully agree with Ray’s insight, in the sense that today’s pro-wrestling does tend to focus too much on the wrestling aspect of the game, while blunderingly ignoring the character development and storytelling aspect.  

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