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WWE News: Bully Ray reveals rejected plans with 10-Time World Champion 

Karan Bedi
Published 03 Jan 2020, 08:50 IST
03 Jan 2020, 08:50 IST

An interesting way to get heat!
An interesting way to get heat!

Bully Ray aka Bubba Ray Dudley is one of the most creative people in professional wrestling. His analysis seems to be spot-on and it's surprising that he's not more involved. On Busted Open, he was discussing how to get heat with the fans when talking about The Young Bucks and then revealed an idea that Vince McMahon rejected, with regards to The Rock.

Bully Ray believed that someone should 'break' The Young Bucks' legs and that they should sell it for 6-8 weeks. He said, by taking away their weapons of choice, that teamwould generate heat with the fans. He then revealed an idea that he pitched to Vince McMahon. He said:

"A long time ago, I pitched an idea to Vince McMahon about me and D-Von crushing The Rock's throat. So, The Rock couldn't talk anymore. I wanted to take away The People's voice from The People. Obviously, it never happened, but Vince told me that he really liked the idea."

Bully also said that when a babyface has something that connects with the people, that is something the heel should take away from them.

Bully's reasoning is smart and simplistic in nature and does make sense in the long run. A good heel doesn't give what the crowd wants, but is willing to take away something from them.

Bully's original idea for The Rock is fascinating and it does make one wonder what would have happened if they went through with it.

Modified 03 Jan 2020, 08:50 IST
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